Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is ArcBeat?

ArcBeat, or “Arctic Heartbeat”, is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain run by a single climate researcher. The overarching aim of the project is to capture your attention with photography of genuinely captivating landscapes from our most vulnerable ecosystems located in the Polar (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. Another objective is to raise realistic awareness of both the natural cyclic climate change inherent to our planet, its acceleration via antropogenic (i.e. man-made) global warming, and the resulting detrimental effects. Some of these include consistent and accelerating decreases in seasonal sea ice concentration (especially in the Arctic), increasing global temperatures, and salinity anomalies, among many others. Such parameters are monitored from space via satellites and are presented as part of ArcBeat in the form of beautiful planetary- and regional-scale animated map NFTs. At least 20% of the profits will be donated to the International Polar Foundation to support their climate research.

2) What is your minting policy?

The photographs are limited-edition, and each is only minted as a single NFT. You will own the one and only copy upon purchase. The initial photography collection is simply called Arctic #1 and includes 5 series named based on the depicted natural environment. These are: i) Above the Hills; ii) Beyond the Sea; iii) Glacial Disintegration; iv) Brilliant Desert; v) Signs of Life. Satellite data-based map NFTs are minted as collections of 100 tokens each as part of the collection aptly named Mapped Insights #1.

3) Where/how would one purchase the NFTs?

You can browse the collections of our breathtaking photographs and animated maps on the homepage as well as on Each NFT will be purchasable easily upon launch of the Artifct marketplace, where the project is already verified. All collections have also been verified on the JPG.STORE marketplace, where secondary market sales may safely take place. For these and any upcoming buying options, check the Buy page. Please remember that you must not send ADA from an exchange. Instead, use any suitable wallet (Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, or AdaLite).

4) What is your pricing policy and why?

All satellite data-based animated map NFTs are priced at the absolute minimum allowed by marketplaces to effectively distribute them to the community and raise climate crisis awareness. 1/1 photographs are also priced as reasonably as possible while still allowing for helpful donations towards crucial climate research endeavors, with prices ranging from 50 to 100 ADA. Both collections include 1% CIP-27 royalties, which will also be donated in full and indefinitely to climate research organizations such as the International Polar Foundation.

5) How can I verify the authenticity of my purchased NFTs?

Each NFT type (1/1 photographs and animated climate maps) possesses a unique Policy ID, which have already been verified on the and JPG.STORE marketplaces and can be additionally authenticated here. If your Policy ID is not listed or you need any further advice regarding your purchased ArcBeat NFTs, please get in touch.