Policy IDs

Use this page to verify the authenticity of your ArcBeat NFTs. Only the Policy IDs listed in the following table are genuine. Our project has also been verified on the Artifct and JPG.STORE marketplaces. If you cannot verify your purchase, please contact me immediately.

Minting DateNFT Series Name(s)NFT Type(s)Policy ID
03/10/2021Mapped InsightsAll Animated Maps923b9e77bb71c5f80c532cc1a1212b3ac306da131094730dcf833db8
26/12/2021Above the Hills
Beyond the Sea
Glacial Disintegration
Brilliant Desert
Signs of Life
All 1/1 Photographs95070971850bdc00479940677e651d7fbda2e715df2e2c2e4307719e